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HEALTH EQUITY: Air Quality And Asthma

August 28, 2019

Where people live can determine their overall health. Our neighborhood conditions can make us healthy or make us sick. So what exactly does that mean? Many contributing factors in our neighborhoods limit the ability to live a healthy life. The air we breathe is one. Some areas expose residents to harmful air quality or toxic[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY – Social Conditions and Health

August 9, 2019

Doctors treat us when we are ill.  Though our health conditions could sometimes be linked to our family health history, that is not always the case. Research shows that social conditions—the jobs we do, the money we’re paid, the schools we attend, the neighborhoods we live in—are as important to our health as our family[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY – Spreading The Message

April 26, 2019

Our fight has just begun! When we work towards health equity, we are working towards giving everyone the opportunity to live his or her healthiest life. Not all Individuals live in fair conditions.  We are getting closer, but we still have some gaps to close, mostly with families with low incomes and families of color.[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY: Working Toward Health Equity

June 6, 2018

It’s time for our communities to move the needle toward health equity. To begin, we must understand the social determinants of health to address health equity. These determinants of health are factors such as where a person is born, where they work and where they live. These factors closely affect one’s overall health. We all[…..]

Call for Nominations for the 2014 Health Equity Awards

January 16, 2014

It’s Time to Recognize Delaware’s Health Equity Champions! Everyone should have the same opportunity to live a long and healthy life. And, making sure that opportunity for health is open to all takes special work and special effort. Do you know an individual or organization that is going the extra mile to promote health equity[…..]