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Home Visiting: National Youth Violence Prevention Week

March 23, 2015

Monday, March 23rd to Friday, March 27th is National Youth Violence Prevention Week. Join DE Thrives and support Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) in reducing youth violence. Parents, students, healthcare providers, teachers, and the public can all take part in reducing youth violence. One of the first steps to preventing youth violence is by being[…..]

Help Me Grow and Home Visiting: A Match for Success

May 7, 2014

Are you feeling overwhelmed about your new role as a parent? Are you worried about providing the best possible care for your baby? Help Me Grow and Home Visiting are two programs that work together to help your baby succeed.  Both programs can connect you with the right services, programs, and information to provide extra[…..]

Home Visiting Programs can Improve Children’s Long Term Development, Health and Behavioral Outcomes

January 29, 2014

Besides learning about tips and practices for infant care, Home Visiting programs often have goals to yield outcomes in other areas for the child and the family. One of the outcomes is general child development and school preparedness for the infant who is benefiting from the home visits. Some Home Visiting models focus on getting[…..]

What You Need to Know About Home Visiting

December 25, 2013

Who are the home visitors? The home visitors that will come to your home are professionals and their qualifications  vary depending on your and your baby’s needs, at what stage you enter the program and across the state. From the day you begin until program completion, you will have the same home visitor conducting the[…..]

Home Visiting In Delaware

December 18, 2013

Home Visiting is a national program developed to provide support to help pregnant women and families. There are quite a few different types of national and statewide Home Visiting programs. We want to be sure you know what we are offering in Delaware! We are offering four Home Visiting programs that focus on pregnant women[…..]