Home Visitor Wrap-Around Training Update

Wrap-around training: What is it?

Those of you who are new to home visiting may be wondering, “What’s wrap-around training?” Wrap-around training provides learning opportunities that supplement the core training provided by the particular program model that employs you. The thinking is that there are some general topics that staff in each home visiting, health ambassador, and parent education program will find useful, and it will be more efficient to deliver training sessions on those topics to everyone at one time. The added bonus is that you get to meet and learn from other professionals who are doing the same kind of work you are! Together, you can reflect on your work and support each other as you enhance your expertise.

Food for thought: It’s what happens after the training that counts!

The finish line is not the end of the training, no matter how brilliantly the training is designed and delivered. The real finish line is when the knowledge or skill taught can be witnessed in action in the workplace. Remember, new information, knowledge, or skills are only really useful when the people receiving that new information, knowledge, or skill use it on a regular basis. It is only successful when people change and improve their performance.”

Weber, E. (2014) Turning Learning into Action: A proven methodology for effective transfer of learning, Kogan Page Limited, Philadelphia

Looking ahead: Upcoming wrap-around training sessions

As you may have noticed, we’ve been scheduling wrap-around training sessions a few months at a time during 2020-21, in order to be able to adapt as pandemic circumstances evolve.

Please be on the lookout for a survey coming to your inbox soon that will ask for your preferences on the next round of wrap-around training sessions.


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