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Catching up … update on wrap-around trainings postponed from 2019-20 schedule

We’re almost finished playing catch-up on the training sessions we had scheduled for 2019-20! Since the last newsletter, we’ve delivered both the Flip It! and the Supporting Kids’ Healthy Eating trainings virtually. We still intend to offer Motivational Interviewing, both the introductory training and the refresher course, at some point in the coming year. The timing on those depends on COVID-related restrictions and the availability of the trainer. We’ll keep you posted as those plans develop.

Looking ahead … upcoming training sessions

Many of us have spent hours making and undoing plans as a result of the pandemic we’re currently experiencing. So, rather than setting up a full schedule of trainings for 2020-21, as has been our norm, this year we’re planning ahead only a few months at a time, with the intent of adapting our trainings as circumstances evolve.

Here’s what’s coming up from January to March! Look for emails with more information about these trainings and registration details in the upcoming weeks.

Teaching Young Children Social-Emotional Skills

The topic of managing children’s challenging behaviors always seems to draw lots of interest. Why not be proactive and reduce the frequency and/or severity of challenging behaviors or even prevent them in the first place? How? By teaching young children the concepts and skills that help them understand and manage their own emotions and interactions with others — the foundation of social-emotional competence.

There’s a lot of material to cover here, so this topic will be presented in two parts to make it more manageable as a Zoom training. Each part will include an online presentation as well as group discussions and learning activities. This series is tentatively scheduled for January 2021.

Exploring the Impact of Poverty on Children and Families

Families’ well-being is influenced by many factors, including their socioeconomic status. This virtual session will use webinars and group discussions to explore some of the facets of poverty and its impact on the well-being of children and families. This session is tentatively scheduled for March 2021.

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