Parents As Teachers, Christina School District, and the Stubbs Dual Generation Center: Success Story

This is a success story about one of the Parents As Teachers moms and the great collaboration between PAT NCC and the Stubbs Dual Generation Center.

Thomasina is a wonderful mom who values education but had never completed high school herself. Her PAT educator had encouraged her to achieve the goal of completing her education and provided numerous resources for programs. She was hesitant to take this step, as she was busy with two young daughters. When PAT moved to the Stubbs Dual Generation Center, her educator, Sarah, invited her to check out the new PAT play group, our offices, and the Adult Literacy program just a few doors down. Thomasina enrolled and attended regularly up until mid-March, when the pandemic shut school down. The staff at Adult Literacy was able to pair Thomasina with a teacher who was willing to work with her two evenings a week, after her children had gone to bed.

Happily, Thomasina graduated in June with her GED — as did her daughter from kindergarten!

Another Success Story

Dad fell ill from COVID-19 and was out of work for one month. Mom shared that she was stressed because she has several small children, including a 1-month-old. Mom used resources shared through PAT, including free COVID-19 testing sites. She and her children were tested. Fortunately, her husband recovered fully ,and no one else was infected. She and her husband now take turns working and caring for the children. Mom appreciates the PAT program for providing support to her family — not just with activities and child development information, but also by supporting the family’s well-being.

Submitted by:

Noelle Bartkowski

Senior Lead Educator
Parents As Teachers

Stubbs Dual Generation Center
1100 N. Pine St.
Wilmington, DE 19801