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Wrap-Around Training Update

What’s happening with the wrap-around training sessions that were postponed from this past spring?

Like so many things, the training sessions we scheduled for last spring were abruptly put on hold because of the pandemic. We’re still hoping to deliver those sessions when we can do so safely.

Right now we’re waiting to conduct two of the sessions, Motivational Interviewing and Flip It!, until we can deliver them in person. Those training sessions require lots of interpersonal interactions that are hard to do via Zoom.

We’re hoping to revise the Supporting Kids’ Healthy Eating session to offer it via Zoom. The timing of that depends on when one of the presenters, Abigail Jones, a nutritionist with the Division of Public Health (DPH), is released from her reassignment to COVID-related duties and is available to do this training.

Everyone who has already registered for these sessions will receive an email with details about when they will be offered, as soon as we know. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

What’s coming up in wrap-around training in 2020-21?

Thanks to those of you who participated in the annual survey on your training needs and your preferences on how training is delivered.

We’ll choose next year’s training topics from this list of most requested topics chosen from that survey (based on National Family Support Competency Framework for Family Support Professionals):

  • Parent-Child Interactions: Developmentally appropriate guidance
  • Community Resources
  • Dynamics of Family Relationships: Influences on family well-being (racism and discrimination, culture and language, socioeconomic status, risks and stressors)
  • Parent-Child Interactions: Influences on parenting

Along with the traditional in-person, large-group setting, we’re going to try out some new ways to deliver training. Based on your responses in the survey, this may include online sessions via Zoom, a webinar with follow-up discussion, and a community of practice approach.

Be on the lookout for an email with the details as plans develop!

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