7th Annual Summit Presentations

DHMIC 7th Annual Summit Welcome
David A. Paul, MD

Understanding the Black/White Disparity in Infant Mortality Rates
James W. Collins, Jr.

Can We Prevent Infant Sleep-Related Deaths? What You Need to Know Now
Michael Goodstein, MD, FAAP

Breastfeeding: A Public Health Perspective
Monica Burnett, MSPH, CHES and Robert Locke, DO, MPH

Male Preconception Health Campaign: Do the Math
Susan Noyes, RN, MSN

Delaware Safe Sleep Program
Marjorie L. Hershberger, MS, RN-BC, PNP-BC, CPNP and Bridget Buckaloo, MS, RN

Delaware Peer Educators
Lisa Centrone, Emily Gentile, Tiara Goode, Erica Jenkins, Natalie Kazierad, Emma Myers, Nicole Penn, Carlie Saint-Laurent, and Lisa Tamulis


Reducing Infant Mortality in Delaware
The Birth of Change Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium.

HWHB Data Collection Module
Contracted with the Delaware Division of Public Health to perform Family Health Epidemiology, Research, and Evaluation Services.

Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR)
A simple method based on a strong conceptual framework to mobilize a community to prioritize prevention efforts relevant to feto-infant mortality reduction.