What You Need to Know About Home Visiting

Who are the home visitors?
The home visitors that will come to your home are professionals and their qualifications  vary depending on your and your baby’s needs, at what stage you enter the program and across the state. From the day you begin until program completion, you will have the same home visitor conducting the visits.

Is there a cost?
The Delaware Home Visiting program is completely FREE of charge! Some insurance plans cover the cost of Home Visiting. If your insurance does not cover it, the cost is covered by the state for those who qualify, so there is no cost to the actual family receiving the visits.

What to expect?1-DE-HV-Blog_12.16.132
When you enroll in this program, a warm and friendly home visitor will make regular visits to your home or place of choice. The visits are relaxed, easy to schedule and designed to meet the needs of you and your baby. These visits will help to ensure that your baby is healthy and thriving.

What will my family and I gain from participating in this program?
Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences on earth! However, it can be extremely challenging. By participating in the Home Visiting program we hope you’ll gain the knowledge, experience and support you will need to raise a healthy baby and family. The most important goal of the program is to give your child every opportunity he or she has to grow, learn and succeed.

Where is Home Visiting available?
There are no geographic restrictions to participate in this program. For information about Home Visiting opportunities in your area call the Help Me Grow Hotline at 2-1-1.

Where can I get more information about Home Visiting?
To find out more information about Home Visiting, to speak with a specialist regarding Home Visiting or for any questions you may have call 2-1-1 or visit www.HomeVistingDE.com