Help Me Grow: The Roots of Help Me Grow

1-HMG-Blogs-Sept-9.25.132Help Me Grow originated in Hartford, Connecticut in 1998 and became a statewide program in 2002 due to its efficiency. Since the program’s founding, it has spread nationwide to 18 affiliate states. Help Me Grow was founded on the assumption that children who were at risk for developmental and behavioral problems were escaping early detection. Prior to the establishment of Help Me Grow, there was a failure to link these children to the proper programs and services that could make a difference in their development. Since their statewide expansion in Connecticut in 2002, around 85 percent of children have been successfully linked to programs and services through Help Me Grow.

The beauty of the Help Me Grow system is that it promotes primary prevention in healthcare by encouraging early detection and intervention through identifying (early) children with developmental and behavioral concerns. This is accomplished by using existing community-based social services (housing, transportation, etc.) and community supports (churches, social groups, etc.) to offer a person-centered coordinated plan to support parents in their journey to improve the physical, emotional, behavioral and developmental health of their children.