Home Visiting In Delaware

Home Visiting is a national program developed to provide support to help pregnant women and families. There are quite a few different types of national and statewide Home Visiting programs. We want to be sure you know what we are offering in Delaware!
We are offering four Home Visiting programs that focus on pregnant women and families with infants from birth to five years old.
The programs are focused on offering free, high quality, flexible and culturally competent child development and parent support services, right in the home. The primary goal is to establish the importance of the relationship between baby and parent as early as possible. Some of the general information that is discussed during home visits includes:

1-DE-HV-Blog_12.16.13. Connecting with health care and child care in the community

. Child development and early childhood education

. Having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

. Developmental screening, ongoing observation and assessment

. Making the home a safe place for the baby to live and play

. Becoming better parents

. Finding ways to continue their education and developing job skills

There are many proven positive effects that have come out of other states’ Home Visiting programs and we want you to receive the same outcomes! The areas in which progress has been made include:

(1) Child Development and School Readiness
(2) Child’s Health
(3) Family Economic Self-Sufficiency
(4) Maternal Health
(5) Positive Parenting Practices and
(6) Reductions in Child Maltreatment

Connect with the Delaware Home Visiting program by calling 2-1-1 Help Me Grow or by visiting HomeVisitingDE.com