Help Me Grow: Four Core COMPONENTS of the Help Me Grow Program

 Four Core COMPONENTS of the Help Me Grow Program

What makes the Help Me Grow system so effective that it has been replicated in 17 states? The ingredients for success are its four core components, physician outreach, community outreach, a centralized call center, and data collection. These are critical in order for the Help Me Grow system to function properly.

1-HMG-Blogs-Sept-9.25.131. Physician Outreach
Children’s health providers are trained in the process of developmental health and screening.

2. Community Outreach
Events to promote parent education including networking among and across community based programs and services

3. Centralized Call Center
A single access point connecting families with programs and services statewide.

4. Data Collection
Tracks the effectiveness of the linkage to programs and services and is used to inform advocacy at local, regional and state levels.