Eating Healthy on a Budget

You’re at the grocery store, the expenses are adding up, and you feel like the dollars will not stretch all the way through the fruits and vegetables section!  Before you give up and head for a cartful of instant noodles, check out these tips to help you get the most out of your food budget:

Healthy on a Budget Image

  1. Shop in season for fruits and vegetables, as they are normally cheaper.
  2. Shop locally: many cities and towns have local farmers’ markets that sell directly to you, and often for less than you’d pay at the grocery store. That’s fresher and cheaper!
  3. Do not let leftovers go to waste! Use leftover chicken in a salad the next day, or toss it into a soup. Throwing away leftovers is like throwing away money!
  4. Choose water.  Water is cheaper than sodas or juices that are not so good for your health. If you are eating out, order water – it doesn’t add any extra cost to the bill.
  5. Re-think protein. Protein is a vital part of any diet, but it does not have to always come from meat. Canned or dry beans are great sources of protein, and are often much cheaper than meat.

Eating on a budget starts before you even step foot into the grocery store. Take some time to plan your meals for the week. Then, search through your cabinets. See what you already have and cross it off the list. Glance at the weekly specials at your local supermarket and make a note of what’s on sale.  Eating healthy on a budget is possible; it just takes a little planning!

If you need assistance getting nutritious food, the Delaware WIC Program may be able to help you. Visit their website by clicking here for more information.