Caring for Baby’s First Smile

Did you know that you could begin taking care of your child’s teeth before they even start to show? Yes, you can! Parents often do not think about children’s oral health until they start seeing teeth, but there are things you can do well before that milestone to ensure that your baby’s first smile is a healthy one.

Below are five simple tips you can start putting into practice today:

 3-DE-Blog_2.7.1451. Don’t share utensils– You never want to share spoons, forks or cups with your baby to prevent the sharing of saliva. Sharing saliva is how cavity-causing bacteria can spread from you to your baby.

 2. Keep pacifiers clean– Take the time to take care of your baby’s pacifier. Do not clean it with your mouth. It is also important to not dip pacifiers in sugar, even if you think your baby enjoys a treat.

 3. Monitor the baby bottle– You should never leave your child alone with their bottle, even at bedtime.

 4. Create early cleaning habits– Even if your baby doesn’t have teeth, you should still clean their gums twice a day with a damp, clean washcloth. When you do see teeth starting to appear, you can brush them with a small, soft toothbrush.

 5. Make an appointment with dentist– By your baby’s first birthday, you should make an appointment with a dentist. This can ensure that your baby is on the right track, and you can discuss any problems you may have noticed with the doctor.

Following these steps can help your baby avoid significant oral health problems later in life. You want him/her to light up the room with their smile, with or without teeth!