6-Month Development Milestones

Is your baby starting to grab everything in sight? Are they starting to flail their arms to get your attention? These are just two signs that your baby is starting to hit their 6-month developmental milestones!

While no two children develop, grow and learn the same way, there are specific cognitive, social, emotional, language, communication and muscle development milestones that your baby should begin to hit around their 6-month mark.

1. Cognitive development
You may start to notice that your baby is becoming very interested in people. They are making eye contact, smiling and cooing when they see someone familiar. Your baby is also starting to grab, hold and taste almost anything they can reach. This is just their way of exploring!

In order to help progress your baby’s cognitive development, try playing peek-a-boo with them. This teaches them that when things disappear, they come back. You can also read books with simple pictures to your baby. Playing with your baby is the best way to keep their learning and development on track!

2. Social and emotional development
At your baby’s sixth month mark, they begin to develop relationships with those they are most familiar with. On the other hand, you may notice that your baby becomes distressed and quiet when meeting someone new. Viagra http://www.wolfesimonmedicalassociates.com/viagra/


To help nurture you baby’s social and emotional development, play with your baby and invite others to play too. You can join a play group for parents and babies.

Let your child decide what to do and help your baby approach new people at her own pace.

3.Language and communication development
At the sixth-month mark, your baby can begin to get a little more sophisticated on how to capture your attention. Instead of just crying, your baby might make a loud noise and wave their hands to get your attention. They also communicate by smiling, laughing, crying, yelling and moving their bodies. While you may think that the babbling sounds they are starting to make don’t mean anything, this is their way of letting you know emotions. Generic Ambien online http://kendallpharmacy.com/ambien.html

If you notice that your baby is looking at something, point at it and explain what it is. Talking to your baby encourages them to use their listening skills and learn what specific words mean.

This great video shows you the many milestones of a 6-month old and some activities to try with your baby to help develop their skills. Watch and share with your friends!

While these are all common milestones of 6-month-year-olds, remember, not all babies complete these at the same time. If you are worried about your baby’s development, call the Help Me Grow 2-1-1 hotline!  You should also talk with your child’s pediatrician.