12-Month Development Milestones

HMG-MAY14-12 month developmental milestones

Congratulations and happy first birthday to your baby! You have probably noticed some major changes in your baby over the past few months.  Their communication skills are quickly developing and they are even starting to form their first words. It may be hard to believe, but every day your baby is becoming more aware of the world around them.

1.       Cognitive development

At one year, your baby is becoming a mini copy-cat. They learn how to speak and act by mimicking songs and actions that you make. Your baby can let you know what they are interested in by pointing to objects when you say their name. You may also notice that your baby loves to throw objects. While this may be annoying, you have to remember that it is a stage that all babies go through.

2.       Social and emotional development

  You may start to notice that your baby is very in tune with the emotions of others around them. Your baby might smile when they see a smiling face or cry when someone seems upset. At one year old, it is also common for your baby to become distressed when you leave them.  You may notice that your baby is also still shy or nervous with strangers. Your one-year-old will start to play with other children, but they probably won’t be able to cooperate very well.

3.       Language and communication development

The one year mark is an exciting time for language and communication development for your baby. Make sure you’re paying attention, because this is the age where your baby can start to form their first words! They will be able to make their own sounds and repeat sounds that they hear. In addition, they can start to respond to simple spoken requests. To help your baby build their vocabulary, let your baby know the names of people, places, and things that they see every day.

The most important thing you can do for you one-year-old is spend time with them.  Make time in your day to play and cuddle with them. Your baby is growing up fast and you don’t want to miss these moments! For more information on developmental milestones, click here, dial 2-1-1, or text 302-231-1464 for Help Me Grow.