Tips to Soothe a Teething Baby

What is white, small and painful? You guessed it, your baby’s first tooth! Quick write it in the baby book and grab a drool rag, while you’re at it.

Has your baby:3-DE-Blog_2.7.142

  • Been excessively cranky?
  • Recently had a chewing or biting tendency?
  • Been crying for unknown reasons?
  • Been excessively drooling?
  • Had a fever lower than 101F?*
  • Had swollen gums or discomfort to the touch?
  • Experienced restless sleep?

Then, congratulations, your baby is teething!

If this is your first-born, do not panic, we have plenty of tips to help guide you through this milestone. If you are already a mother, we have some do’s and don’ts you may not have been aware of.

Typically, the two front teeth (top or bottom) emerge through the gums first. Run your clean finger along the gums to determine if it is the top or bottom set, this way you can start to soothe the source immediately.

To give some relief, allow your baby to chew on a sanitized teething ring, cold rubber spoon or cold washcloth. You may place the teething ring in the freezer, but do not let it harden. A frozen ring will irritate their sensitive gums. Allowing your son or daughter to gnaw on your clean finger may also relieve some pain.  Be sure your finger is clean to avoid infection and keep your baby healthy during this important time.

Do not give your baby any pain medicine or rub alcohol on their gums. Doing so could be very harmful if your baby swallows too much.  Also, medications that you rub on the gums wash out of the baby’s mouth within minutes, so they aren’t very helpful.

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*If your son or daughter has a fever over 101F, is vomiting and/or experiencing diarrhea, do not associate these symptoms with teething and call your child’s doctor for assistance.