Safe Sleep: Sleep Sacks

slide6If you’ve been following the Four Rules of Safe Sleep, you know that Rule #3 specifically advises that you place baby in an uncluttered crib.  All your baby needs to sleep is a firm sleep surface (a crib, bassinet, pack n play or portable crib that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards) covered by a fitted sheet. Bumper pads have not been shown to decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and are not recommended. Pillows, quilts, comforters, stuffed animals, and toys are great for when your baby is awake and supervised – but should not be in the crib when she’s sleeping.  Remember that less is more.

But, you also recognize that we live in the Northeast and winters can get pretty cold. So, how do you keep your baby warm on those frosty nights?

The answer is sleep sacks. Sleep sacks provide openings for your baby’s head and arms while covering the rest of her body in a warm layer that zips or snaps from her chest to her heel. Your baby will enjoy the comfort and warmth of being swaddled without the danger of anything covering her mouth and interfering with her breathing.

So, let Old Man Winter huff and puff. Your baby will be comfy, cozy and safe in her sleep sack. You can purchase sleep sacks at most stores that carry baby clothes and they’re a great item to put on your wish list for friends and family who want to get you a baby gift.