Safe Sleep: Supervised Awake Tummy Time

1-SS-Blogs-Sept-9.25.136Your baby can benefit from a little supervised tummy time each day to support healthy muscle development. Place a blanket on the floor and put your baby on top of the blanket on her stomach. Encourage her to lift her head and look around the room or at toys that you hold out for her to see.

This exercise will strengthen her neck and upper back muscles. As she builds her muscles, she’ll be able to roll over easily and eventually sit and crawl.

Learning to support her head through supervised awake tummy time will allow your baby to turn her head in response to her environment.

Pediatricians suggest supervised tummy time a couple of times a day and recommends starting when your baby comes home with you from the hospital.

Of course, when it’s time to sleep, always put her on her back. That way, she’ll be safe and happy.