Safe Sleep: Rules for Caregivers


If you are fortunate to have a relative, trusted babysitter or child care provider who looks after your baby while you’re not there, make sure they know exactly how to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. If these people are putting your baby to bed for the night or even just for a nap, keep a door hanger handy with the Four Rules of Safe Sleep (Babies sleep alone. Babies sleep on their Backs. Empty Uncluttered Crib. Smoke Free Environment) along with some other suggestions. For example, remind caregivers to check to see that the mattress and bottom sheet fit snugly, that there are no cords or wires near the bed and that all the crib parts are installed properly, if you have any questions, call the manufacturer.

Never worry that you might be offending someone by setting the ground rules for your baby’s safe sleep. If you trust them as a caregiver, then they assuredly have your baby’s best interests in mind as you do. Most likely, they’ll be more confident at caring for your baby now that you’ve shown them how to do it right.

For a complete list of the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep guidelines, visit or call 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow.