Call 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow

call 211 for help me grow delawareDelaware 2-1-1 was created to give you access to information on health and social services and community resources through an easy-to-remember phone number. When youCall 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow, you’ll be able to speak confidentially to a Help Me Grow Call Specialist who can help assess your situation and direct you to the people or agency that can best provide the help you need.

If you have questions about pregnancy, childbirth, home visiting programs and services and anything related to caring for your baby, Call 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow. Or if you need help with issues that are affecting you and your baby’s safety, such as smoking, drug and alcohol use or physical or emotional abuse, 2-1-1 can connect you with community based services to help you as well.

Call 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow anytime between 8am-8pm Monday through Friday. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or problems.