Make Brush Time Fun Time

Dudley the Dinosaur is the American Dental Association’s prehistoric mascot. Join Dudley and friends to learn about brushing, flossing, eating healthy snacks, and preventing tooth decay!

A bright, healthy smile is the first thing people see when they meet you. To make your smile shine, always remember to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste. Take care of your teeth and gums today, and your smile will speak for itself.

  • Brush for two to three minutes at least twice a day
  •  The head of your toothbrush should be placed beside the teeth, and the tips of the bristles placed at a 45-degree-angle to the gumline.
  • Move the toothbrush back and forth, using short strokes and a scrubbing motion, several times in each spot
  • Keep the bristles angled against the gumline, while you brush both the inner and outer surfaces of each tooth.
  • Brush the chewing surfaces straight on.
  • Clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth by tilting the brush vertically and making several up-and-down strokes with the top of the brush.
  • To keep their interest, make a tooth treasure hunt game, where they must find all their “hidden” teeth and clean them.

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