Home Visiting: National Youth Violence Prevention Week

DE - Blogs - HV - Home Visiting Reverses Toxic Family RelationshipsMonday, March 23rd to Friday, March 27th is National Youth Violence Prevention Week. Join DE Thrives and support Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) in reducing youth violence. Parents, students, healthcare providers, teachers, and the public can all take part in reducing youth violence. One of the first steps to preventing youth violence is by being a part of your child’s life from day one.


Child development is important to pay attention to when talking about preventing youth violence. Your child’s first years are important in determining how they will act and learn as they grow up. Home Visiting is a free, evidence based program in Delaware that positively influences children at an early age. There are early intervention practices used during home visiting that prepare children to reach the proper milestones and be more successful in school. Here are proven benefits of Home Visiting:


  • Increases positive treatment of children in the household
  • Increases appropriate discipline for older children
  • Positive parenting as a result of responsible behaviors
  • Reduction in crime or domestic violence
  • Improvement in school readiness and achievement
  • Significantly lowers the likelihood of arrest


Children are given a head start to life when they are nurtured and guided, Home Visiting can help. Make sure you are being a good role model and great influence on your child’s life by participating in Home Visiting. It is easy, convenient, and free to enroll in the program. Dial 2-1-1 to learn more or to sign up.


Let us know what you think and tell us about your success with Home Visiting and other programs. Use the hashtag #HomeVisitingDE and #DEThrives on social media. Check out DE Thrives Twitter and DE Thrives Facebook for daily updates.