HOME VISITING: Meet Jenny Roblero Gomez

Many families in Delaware now have home visitors. Home visiting programs helps new families who are expecting or have an infant at home succeed! Home visitors are the force behind the program. Home visitors have transformed the lives of babies, parents, and families. 

Meet Jenny Roblero Gomez of Children & Families First

Can you tell us a little about your involvement and/or role with Home Visiting?
My role is to promote a healthy parent-child relationship to prevent child abuse. I visit homes based on levels and the needs of the families. I have had the opportunity to work with pregnant mothers and have given them valuable information on healthy brain development, safe sleep, birth control, and much more! I help mothers prepare for the arrival of their healthy baby by educating them through a curriculum and referring them to resources as needed. As a home visitor, I offer my families support and resources for when they are in need of additional assistance!

Tell us about the families you serve?
I serve a very diverse population of families.  I work with teenage mothers, first time mothers, high-risk pregnancy, Spanish speaking mothers, single mothers and many more! I strongly encourage father involvement during my home visits if the father of the baby is present.

I always invite anyone to sit in during the visit if they would like to see what the program is like.

Why do you think families should participate in Home Visiting?
Home visiting programs can offer families so much information on parenting, safety, and resources in the community. Families can learn so much through a home visiting program that can help them reach self-efficacy or strengthen their parenting skills to become a positive role model for their child.

What does a day look like as a Home Visitor?
Every day begins with confirming the home visits with my scheduled clients. I make sure to give myself enough time in the day to stop by the office to document my home visits and to prepare for the next times home visit.

I base my visits to the home on the family’s needs and the areas of opportunity. I strategically prepare my client folders on a weekly basis to make sure I am able to support the family.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with a new parent?
New parents, always ask questions!! There is so much information about parenting, childbirth, safety, and community resources that are available for you and your family!


For more information and to participate in the Delaware Home Visiting program, call 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow or visit https://dethrives.com/home-visiting/help-at-home