Health Equity: What’s Teeth Got To Do With It?

Health equity is about making health available to everyone regardless of differences. A healthy life not only makes us feel better, but also allows us to achieve more in life. Where you live, work, learn, and play contributes to your overall health. Everyone deserves good health. And with good health comes good teeth!

Healthy teeth are important for speaking, eating, and a happy life. Oral health disparities affect many racial and ethnic groups. Barriers to food access and transportation access can affect oral health and overall health. There might not be a supermarket with fresh food in a walking distance. There might be more fast food locations in sight than a store with nutritious fruit. It might be difficult for a family to travel to a provider’s office to receive proper oral health care. Poor oral health negatively impacts a child’s quality of life. Children with tooth decay and other oral health problems tend to miss school. Their absence affects their ability to learn and grow, making it harder to break the poverty barrier.

The elimination of health disparities can help achieve top health for all.  Delaware believes that all children should have opportunities for good overall health and well-being. Be an advocate for families and children. Find out how you can help achieve health equity in Delaware by visiting The Health Equity Action Center. If you have oral health questions, dial 211 or visit United Way of Delaware.