Comforting Children Through Their Shots

1-DE-BLOGS-More August-7.30.14Shots can be scary, especially if it is a child’s first time. Even the bravest kids won’t like the idea of having a needle put into their arm, but it is necessary for their health. By the age of five, most children are able to handle getting their shots. Even so, you can make their visit less scary by doing some simple things:


  • For young children, you can try putting them on your lap.
  • You can keep them distracted with music or a story.
  • Or, try the cough trick.


If you have any other questions about shots be sure to call the Help Me Grow 2-1-1 line, or send Help Me Grow a text at: 302-231-1464. Help Me Grow 2-1-1 staff will provide referrals to community resources to help answer any questions or address any concerns.