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SAFE SLEEP: Popular Sleeping Products Review

August 25, 2018

Being a new parent is an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming. Seeing different kinds of products like strollers, toys, and sleeping products for your baby can be confusing. While some products may look nice and comfortable, you should always consider the safety factor. The most popular items on the market are not always[…..]

HELP ME GROW: The Right Resources For You

August 13, 2018

  Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and most challenging experiences. Whether by chance, or by choice, you’ve been placed in this role. It’s not uncommon to ask yourself, “am I ready for this?” It’s important to recognize that your child’s early years are vital and can shape their entire future.[…..]

SAFE SLEEP: Traveling with the Little One

August 11, 2018

The summer holiday season is here! This means you might be traveling to visit family or friends. Sometimes these trips include sleeping over. If you have a baby in tow, it is important to make sure they have a safe environment to sleep in. There are times where a grandparent’s house or friend’s apartment might[…..]

HEALTH EQUITY: Change Can Start With You

August 1, 2018

      Social determinants of health focus on how we live, grow, work or play. These include key factors like income, neighborhoods, education, and jobs. For some of us, there are still long strides to take to live in a place of good health. You are a key piece to the larger puzzle. It[…..]