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Spending Quality Time to Kids: We All Have a Part to Play

August 24, 2015

Spoil your little ones with quality time. Babies and toddlers need these experiences to support their development. The quality of time spent with children impacts how much they learn. Babies learn from every movement, word, and interaction you present to them. It is the quality, not the quantity of time you spend with children that[…..]

Why Every Mom Deserves to be a Breastfeeding Champion

August 17, 2015

Breastfeeding has advantages for mothers and babies, but it’s not always easy. The entire community can provide support and encouragement to get more mothers to breastfeed. More mothers, fathers, friends, and families should be breastfeeding champions and advocates. Why does breastfeeding matter? Human milk is recognized as the best form of nutrition for infants. You[…..]

Program spotlight: Early Head Start

August 10, 2015

Early Head Start is a program provided by the New Directions Early Head Start & Telamon Early Childhood Program. The main focus of this program is to shape a positive relationship between the parent or caregiver, and child through home-care and center-care services. The Early Head Start Program can help parents and caregivers create a[…..]

Safe Sleep: The Dangers of Co-Sleeping

August 3, 2015

Babies love it when you hold them close. Parents feel most protective when baby is in their arms. It’s no wonder some parents think about taking their babies into bed with them. But, your baby should NEVER be in the same bed with you. You can fall asleep and roll over on baby. Baby can[…..]