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Help Me Grow: How Delaware Parents Can Keep Kids on The Right Track

June 29, 2015

Babies grow up quickly and it is sometimes difficult to keep up. How do you help your son or daughter thrive when there are so many options and suggestions available? How do you know if they need help? Thankfully there are clues and professional advice available. Milestones are clues to how your child is growing and developmental[…..]

Safe Sleep: How Delaware Thrives by Focusing on Real Data

June 22, 2015

Delaware has become a respectable example for other states in preventing infant deaths. The kicks count program is one of the most recent breakthroughs for the state. Previously too few pregnant women would talk with their doctor, when they noticed their baby wasn’t kicking or moving. Only 19% of women who had a fetal death[…..]

Home Visiting: Helping Parents Complement Each Other

June 15, 2015

Home Visiting can help both parents learn their role and how to work together for their children. Fathers are just as important as mothers and should be included in the Home Visiting process. When a child has two supportive parents, there is a greater chance he or she will thrive. Mothers and fathers often have[…..]

QT30: Teach Your Kids New Skills with These 6 Quality Time Activities

June 13, 2015

Great Outdoors Month is June! Celebrate by spending quality time with your kids. It is NOT the quantity BUT the quality of time spent with children (Or QT 30) that helps prepare kids for school and gives them a head start to learning. By playing with your kids or those in your care, they unconsciously[…..]

Program spotlight: Nurse Family Partnership

June 8, 2015

Nurse Family Partnership uses specially trained nurses to visit first-time pregnant women who are low-income. In Delaware, the program is offered by Children and Families First. Low-income women who are less than 28 weeks pregnant and who are pregnant with their first child are eligible for this service. A nurse will provide home visits regularly[…..]

Safe Sleep: Keeping Baby Cool on Hot Summer Nights

June 1, 2015

We all know how uncomfortable hot summer nights can get. You want to make sure that where your baby sleeps is cool and comfortable, so he or she does not overheat. A comfortable room temperature is needed for your baby to sleep safe and well. The temperature that you are able to sleep peacefully in[…..]