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Your Baby’s Kicks Count!

June 24, 2014

Did you know your baby’s kicks are telling you something? Counting kicks during every pregnancy is important, even if you’ve delivered healthy babies before. It helps you monitor your baby’s health, may help to prevent stillbirth, and gives you more time to see your doctor or provider if your baby falls out of his or[…..]

Tips to Help Baby Get a Restful and Safe Night of Sleep

June 17, 2014

Learning how to create a safe sleep environment for you baby is as easy as learning four simple rules. SLEEP ALONE. Your baby should always sleep alone for every sleep. Babies should always sleep alone in a safe crib, NEVER in bed with anyone or anything, not even for naps. A baby in a bed[…..]

Using the PEDS Test at Home

June 10, 2014

Attention parents: your child’s pediatrician of family physician needs your help! In order to accurately detect development and behavior concerns in children, health professionals in Delaware are encouraged to use a screening tool called PEDS (Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status) Online. While only your baby’s doctor can officially diagnose these types of disorders, parents are[…..]

18-month Milestones

June 3, 2014

  As hard it is to believe, your baby is not a baby anymore. At 18-months, your child is officially a toddler! Congratulations on this milestone and get  ready to keep up with your toddler. Their high energy and language development is going to keep you busy. This is an exciting time for you and[…..]