Quality time for every child!

Welcome to the QT 30 Community wall! Share your quality time activities with other parents and caregivers.

Dream Post 1 suggested:

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Dream Post 1 suggested:

Increase my water intake

Leah suggested:

My son absolutely loves to be outdoors. I take my one year old son for walks around our backyard and to the garden and every time he points to something (i.e. tree, garden tomato, etc.) I tell him what it is, “I see a….”

Linda suggested:

After reading my kids their favorite book, I ask them what the main character felt like at different points of the story. We make a list together that describe what the character felt. We then come up with another way that the story could have ended. They love to create different endings and this is a great way for them to learn about feelings.

John suggested:

I used different colored construction paper and made 2 sets of cards containing one card of each color. I write the names of each color on the cards and spread them out on the table. I pick up one of the cards and say “I have a blue card. Can you hand me the other blue card?” My daughter enjoys matching each card all by herself.

Michael suggested:

I take paper towel and toilet paper rolls and cut them into different sizes. I put them on the floor and help my son stand them up in order from shortest to tallest. We also decorated the rolls with stickers and markers. This is one of his favorite games to play with me.

Sarah suggested:

I sit with my baby on the floor and blow kisses at her while saying “blow me a kiss” and have her copy me and blow them back.

Rachel suggested:

I took an old shoe box and wrapped it with left over gift wrap. I put a picture of me and my baby inside. I give the box to my baby and let him open it and ask “Who do you see?” He giggles and says “momma.” I also change the picture to his grandma and father. We both love this little game.